China 0.5Ton to 10Ton Lifting Pulley (Single/Double/Multiple Sheave) With Eye wholesaler

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Substance: Steel
Dimensions: .5t,1t,2t,4t..
Packaging Particulars: carton then on pallet
Port: HangZhou,ZheJiang ,HangZhou

.5Ton to 10Ton Lifting Pulley (One/Double/Numerous Sheave) With Eye
.5Ton to 10Ton Lifting Pulley (Solitary/Double/Numerous Sheave) With Eye

1. protection issue: 4 occasions of WLL 2. hook or hoop type 3. Solitary sheave and double sheavel 4. painted or galv.

S.W.L SHEAVE DIA MAIN Proportions (mm) WIRE ROPE Size Bodyweight
TON D(mm) HOOK A1 EYE A2 B C1 MM kg
.5 seventy five 268 227 87 50 eight one.five
1 one hundred 311.5 284.5 112 55.5 10 2.6
one.five one hundred twenty five 370 344 one hundred forty 63.5 thirteen four.eight
two a hundred and fifty 442.5 417 168 one hundred and one 16 7.four
3 one hundred eighty 498 478 204 107 19 11.9
4 two hundred 590.5 556 226 128 22 20.4
5 250 706.five 651 276 147 twenty five 33
six three hundred 795 775 330 162 26 forty eight
10 350 934 898 395 178 28 66

Company InformationHangZhou CZPT Co.,Ltd is situated in HangZhou, China. For a lot of years supplies a variety of industrial goods that covers lifting, lashing, slings, rigging, marine, mining, towing, transportation, construction, fishing and safety applications… We provide not only high top quality items but also far more added advantages for our consumers and companions.With superior production tools, fantastic production procedure, strict management and with excellent good quality item.Beneath our organization suggestions “Top quality very first, Consumer first”, our goods are offered much better and greater.Going through the industry, our organization will count on a powerful unity, forge in advance with determination and a leadership and workforce to meet up with the obstacle, in intense opposition in the industry in advance waves.CZPT will be your greatest business spouse.

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    To West of American twenty times. To Asia 7 days or far more.
    By air or by courier will be more quickly, within 7days.About mini get:Various merchandise with diverse limited, make sure you get in touch with us to validate.
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    China 0.5Ton to 10Ton Lifting Pulley (Single/Double/Multiple Sheave) With Eye     wholesaler China 0.5Ton to 10Ton Lifting Pulley (Single/Double/Multiple Sheave) With Eye     wholesaler
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