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Flat Top Conveyor Chains (Plastic)


From standard, low friction to specialized high-tech materials for very specific applications, the ever-power Conveyor Chain range is capable of delivering a wide range of solutions for conveyor applications for the beverage industry.

Characteristics of flat top chain

High strength materials
For lubricated and dry running beverage applications and also for abrasive applications in glassworks, special materials are available, offering high PV resistance and very low friction.
Sliding properties
Ever-power developed kinds of advanced material for chains to ensure superior sliding properties, In many cases, these materials are Especially defined for conveyor applications and the materials have friction coefficients tailored to the intended application.
Digital products and tooling Design, Verification, Manufacturing, the control of the production process take care of flatness. Values meeting the highest standards. Together with the optimum sliding properties, this will prevent tipping of the products conveyed
In case handling a number of different chains are used. Standard chains are used for general conveying of Cans, PET, and Glass bottles; High Friction Chains with rubber and super grip top are used for inclines and declines. Chains with rollers are used in line feeding pallets in order to reduce the backline pressure and noise. The product range allows standardization of case handling conveyors, as a result of the same Sprockets, Track, Return Roller and Wear Strips.

Introduction of Flat Top Chain

Flat top chains, also called flat top chainplates, slat top chains, and tabletop chainplates, it is an efficient chains plates used in the glass industry, food industry, wine, and other industries for conveying. The flat-top chains can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel, or galvanized steel for high tensile strength and bearing load. Compared with a balanced weave belt, it supplies a flat and smooth surface for high-performance conveying. We can supply you with all kinds of flat-top chains in different specs and materials. We can customize the flat top chains according to your equipment and requirements.

We are specialized in producing Agricultural Roller Chain, Flat Top Chain, Caterpillar Track Chain, Hollow Pin Chain, Conveyor Chain for Beer Filling and Packing Line, Paver Chain, Attachment Sidebar Elevator Chain, Bucket Elevator Chain (Cement Mill Chain), Forging Scraper Chain, Loading Chain for Automobile Industry, Loading Chain for Metallurgical Industry, Conveyor Chain for Mine Machinery, Trencher Chain, Sugar Mill Chain, Double Flex Chain, etc. Welcome calls and emails to inquiries!

Flat top chain plate type

Flat top chain plate type
The standard flat top chain is not bent and is suitable for linear conveyors. However, in some workshops, the space is limited, so the conveyor line will be made into L-shape, U-shape, or rectangle. Therefore, the machine needs to be adjusted to make it’s conveying smooth. Here, we can supply not only standard flat top chain but also side bend flat top chain.

Straight flat top chain.

Straight chain flat-top chains provide high carrying capacity and smooth surfaces in straight-chain conveyors. It is composed of several regular rectangular chainplates and high pins.



 Side flex flat top chain

Side bent flat top chain is suitable for bending machines, which can be L-shaped, U-shaped, or rectangular. Side bent flat top chain can ensure fast, stable and stable transportation. There are 2 types of chainplates for side bent flat-top chains: flat edge chain plate and beveled edge chain plate.



flat edge chain plate: The utility model is composed of a flat side chain plate and a hinge pin. The flat side chain plate completes the side bending conveying by increasing the gap between the high pins. In this way, the adjacent chainplates can allow a certain angle to realize smooth side bending conveying. The flat blade chain plate can not only ensure the smooth side flexible conveying, but also ensure the normal conveying of straight-line operation.

beveled edge chain plate.: The chain plate is made of a chain plate with symmetrical beveled edges. The beveled edge can eliminate interference during side bending conveying and ensure smooth and efficient conveying. In addition, there is no gap when used in the bending position. The angle of the swash plate and the pin clearance determine the radius of rotation.

Flat top chain plate with rubber

High friction rubber can be assembled at the top or bottom of the flat top chain. In this way, it can not only improve the high friction of the surface but also protect fragile products from falling. Generally, the rubber can be a standard thin rubber layer or a thick elastic polyurethane rubber. Other models can be customized according to customer requirements.
Rubber on the chainplate side. Due to the high friction brought by rubber, it is also known as the high friction top chain plate of rubber top chainplate. Rubber can not only provide high friction but also improve the anti-skid performance of glass bottles and other fragile products.
Rubber on hinge pin side. It is a new special technology for rubber components. Assembling rubber between hinge pins can reduce the friction of hinge pins and prolong the service life of hinge pins. In addition, it can also reduce the vibration when transporting products.
Full wide hinge pin. As we all know, the hinge pin is commonly assembled in the middle position of the chain plate, which can be a single hinge or double hinge. Sometimes, the hinge pin is assembled on the whole chain plate width, which is similar to the metal plate conveyor belts. The wider hinge pin supplies a higher loading capacity for heavy-duty applications. Moreover, a flat top chain plate with whole wide hinge pins can support the chainplate and ensure a more smooth and stable conveying than the traditional chainplate.

Application of Flat top chain


  • Food processing.
  • Quick-frozen products.
  • Food industry.
  • Soft drinks industry.
  • Breweries.
  • Glass bottling filling.
  • Wire industry.
  • Dairy.
  • Cheese production.
  • Beer production.
  • Incline conveying.
  • Canning.
  • Pharmaceutical packing.


Flat Top Chain Manufacturer

With the experience of more than 10 years, Ever-power is the leading manufacturer and exporter of various kinds of conveyor components in China. Ever-power is equipped with 20 sets of injection machines and another 20 Sets of processing equipment. All Ever-power conveyor products are exported to over 65 countries and regions, including Europe, America, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.
Ever-power conveyor products range covers:
–Plastic flat-top chains, Flexible Chains, multiplex chains, and Case Conveyor Chains;
–Stainless steel flat top chains, conveyor chains, and roller chains;
–Plastic sprockets and idler wheels; Stainless steel sprockets;
–Plastic modular belts;
–Various kinds of conveyor components;
–Stainless steel & Plastic Bearing Units;
–Conveyor Rollers.
Ever-power is always offering customers excellent quality, competitive price, prompt delivery, and after-sale service. ever-power has large stocks, which makes prompt delivery possible. Ever-power also welcomes production According to customers’ samples or drawings.
Ever-power is pursuing a policy of " Quality first, Service Superior" and is committed to meeting the needs of the
The market it serves. Ever-power sincerely hopes to set up business relations with the friends throughout the world
On the basis of friendship and mutual benefits.

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